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     In The Matter of Jerome Daily

Portions of the First National Bank of Montgomery Minnesota v. Jerome Daly court file have been available on the internet for some time. The portions I saw lead me to believe that the decision of the Justice of the Peace was not and could not be appealed because the Justice of the Peace had ruled that the two one dollar federal reserve notes he was paid by the appellant bank for an appellate fee were not legal tender.
It turns out that the Justice of the Peace's decision was appealed to the next higher court, that a new trial was scheduled in that next higher court, and that the parties mutually agreed to dismiss the case. Although the terms of the agreement leading to the dismissal are not in the court file, my suspicion is the debtor - who had won at the Justice of the Peace level - threw in the towel because he knew he could not win the second trial.
Defendant, Jerome Daly paid a high price for his work on this case and other, similar cases. He was disbarred by the Minnesota Supreme Court. The Minnesota Supreme Court's two decisions concerning his conduct are linked to this web site."
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