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     Jane Doe vs Medford School District 549C

Shirley Katz, a Jackson County School Teacher filed a complaint against her employer, and used "Jane Doe" to protect her own privacy and those of her children. The idea was to protect her own identity and that of her family during this controversy.
You see, her ex-husband has threatened her with bodily harm and death. He has made similar threats against their children.
Did you know that aproximately 1/3 of female homicide victims are killed by spouses, ex-spouses or boyfriends? See: DOJ Data
Did you know that after spousal killing, children killed by their parents are the most frequent type of family homicide? See: DOJ Data
Shirley Katz got a restraining order. She got a concealed weapon permit. She got a Glock.
The permit, by law, allows her to carry the Glock on her person at work.
Medford Schools have "rules" that say otherwise. They do not believe that Oregon Law takes precedent over their workplace "rules." They are being quite stubborn about that.
So we're suing. Now it's up to the courts to decide.
This is a fascinating case because there are so many issues involved.
Which laws and rules take precedent over other laws and rules?
Your employer cannot force you to give up your right to vote. How can your employer force you to give up your right to to self-defense?
What happens when one says: "No" to power, in this case to one's employer?
One answer: the district insisted to the court that she use her real name. They knew who she was. Why force a private person to become a public person?
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    Blackboards and Bullets Lars Larson's take. From his essay:
    "Lawmakers in all but two states have shown they understand the need for self-defense by formally recognizing a citizen's right to carry a pistol. Almost 20 years ago, the Oregon Legislature understood self-defense when it ordered county sheriffs to issue permits to any citizens except felons and nuts.
    "And then there's the Medford School District.
    "Last week Medford officials subjected a classroom teacher to threats of arrest and search if she didn't confess to carrying the gun. The teacher's ex-husband has threatened her life, and she has obtained a restraining order. She also has a permit to carry a pistol, just like an estimated 100,000 Oregonians. My research shows that in nearly 20 years of legalized concealed carry in this state, there hasn't been a single incident where a carry permit holder has assaulted anyone." More

Political Reaction:
    Sen. Ginny Burdick, the Legislature's staunchest backer of gun control, kicked off the 2005 legislative session's war over guns by introducing a bill putting new restrictions on holders of concealed handgun licenses. Here's some history on her works against personal protection firearms.

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