Successful defence against a fraud allegation with the help of a fraud solicitor

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A fraud investigation can have a significant negative impact on your personal life, career and business. It is essential that you speak to a fraud solicitor who has experience in fraud defence work and can assist and represent you at the highest level for the best possible outcome for your case.

If you are arrested or called in for a voluntary interview, you will need to make sure that your fraud solicitor is present during your interview at the police station. Fraud solicitors can help you prepare for questioning, advising you on how to conduct yourself during the interview, when to answer a question and when to exercise your right to remain silent. It is important that this step of the process, and every other step, is carried out carefully and strategically since it will have a direct effect on the outcome of your case.

Fraud cases are complex and lengthy, and they involve extensive paperwork and require thorough investigation. Your fraud solicitor will take care of collecting evidence and completing all the necessary paperwork on your behalf, making sure everything is submitted correctly and in a timely manner to prevent any delays to your case. You may find that if you are under investigation or have been placed under arrest, you will need to inform your employer, or the police may do so themselves. If you have a business, then your assets may be frozen or seized as part of the investigation. Your fraud solicitor will be able to provide expert advice on how to prevent your assets from being seized or confiscated. They will also help you deal with the effects the allegation or prosecution can have on your reputation and advise you on how to proceed in the future.

Fraud allegations are known to have massive impacts on the mental health and well-being of the accused. Your fraud solicitor will be able to provide you with confidential, impartial and expert advice throughout the process and be a friendly ear in your time of need. With assistance and representation from the beginning, you will be able to achieve a positive outcome for your case and avoid implicating yourself any further, which may affect the final result. Remember, you will be offered a duty solicitor; however, it is always best that you ask for a specialist fraud solicitor who is experienced in defending clients from serious fraud charges.


Services provided by a fraud solicitor

Specialist fraud solicitors are experienced in many different types of services, including SFO investigations, FCA investigations, HMRC tax investigations and defending clients from accusations of other financial crimes.

There are three ways of carrying out these crimes, and the CPS describes them as fraud by false representation, fraud by failure to disclose information and fraud by abuse of position. It is important that you speak to an experienced fraud solicitor regardless of whether the allegations are true or false since fraudulent activity can be punished with a sentence of up to 10 years of imprisonment.

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