Protect Your Elders by Knowing How to Legally Fight for Them

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Any act or lack of appropriate action that causes distress or harm to an elderly individual in a relationship based on trust can be considered to be elderly abuse. These cases can be divided into different categories, including physical, financial, and emotional abuse, among others. If you suspect such a case, you can discuss it with an elder abuse lawyer and take various forms of legal action, as described in the video. Continue reading for a breakdown of how you can protect your elderly loved ones against such problems.

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In many cases, mistreatment is perpetrated by someone who appears close to or is known by the victim. As such, picking up on the subtleties of abuse can be somewhat of a challenge. With that in mind, you want to start by verifying the situation, if you suspect that your loved one is being abused in any way.

You can report the case to law enforcement or talk to an elder abuse lawyer in your community if you feel that your suspicions are valid. In some cases, you might have to commence proceedings in the probate court. This will give you the opportunity to pursue different legal resolutions, such as conservatorship or guardianship of your loved one.

It’s possible to avoid the hassle associated with the above issues by getting your loved one to sit down with a qualified elderly abuse lawyer as early as possible. They can explore different safeguards, including giving you or any other suitable family member their financial power of attorney in the event that they become incapacitated as they age. During the meeting, matters relating to the designation of a comprehensive healthcare proxy can also be discussed.


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