Your Guide to Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

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Countless workers across the United States are regularly exposed to dangerous conditions and inherent safety issues in the workplace. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the top 10 occupations in private industries with the greatest number of workplace injuries and illness account for over 33 percent of the workforce. This means hundreds of thousands of people are routinely working jobs that put them at risk. These occupations include laborers, truck drivers and nurses. 

If you work one of these jobs, you may require the services of a worker’s compensation lawyer. These professionals help you secure worker’s compensation and unemployment in the event of a workplace accident. 

Learn more about the specifics of what a worker’s compensation lawyer can do for you and can you get unemployment after getting worker’s compensation. 

What are Common Workplace Injuries?

Woman Wears Yellow Hard Hat Holding Vehicle Part
Over a third of all workers are at greater risk of workplace accidents.

Worker’s compensation lawyers share many responsibilities with workplace injury lawyers. Both concern themselves with securing appropriate compensation for their clients in the case of any accidents or unfortunate events at work. 

Some of the most common causes people may need employer liability insurance or the services of a worker’s comp lawyer are burns, falls and slips as well as getting caught in machinery. In 2020, many workers have also wanted to include COVID-19 benefits into both insurance company compensation and self-insuring worker’s compensation packages.

When are You Entitled to Worker’s Compensation?

A man on a wheelchair
Workplace injury lawyers can help secure support for your disabilities.

You could avoid getting a worker’s compensation lawyer if you already know when you are entitled to worker’s compensation or unemployment. 

Below are some of the most important criteria insurance companies and businesses use to differentiate between genuine claims and false worker’s compensation claims.

Identifying them correctly will be crucial if you want to secure the correct amount of money and access to services from your self-insuring worker’s comp.

  • You Got Injured at Work

This is the primary factor for deciding if you can claim compensation from your employer; you sustained your injury at the workplace or while doing your job. Workplace accidents can range from simple slips and falls that lead to serious injuries to debilitating events that lead to serious physical rehabilitation. 

A workplace injury lawyer can be useful when determining who is liable in such an event while a worker’s compensation lawyer is useful when you want to secure the benefits related to an accident that happened at work. 

  • You Were Unable to Work for a Long Time

Your workplace injury could also have limited your ability to move or required you to recuperate for a long time. This could have deprived you or your family from receiving your salary. Worker’s compensation provides you with lost wages, thus ensuring you can provide for yourself even if you are injured. 

  • The Injury Causes Pain and Suffering

Some injuries cause psychological distress, or the events associated with them can be extremely upsetting. Post-traumatic stress disorder from accidents are common and can be very debilitating. They can also cause chronic pain, especially if the injury is particularly severe. 

If you feel like the psychological and physical suffering you received from the accident is seriously affecting your mind and body, you may receive compensation for them.

  • You Received a Disability

An accident in the workplace can be so severe that you require amputation or receive some other form of disability. This can include blindness, limited mobility, psychological distress and similar conditions. Coping with a disability can be very expensive, especially when you combine rehabilitation with medical treatments. 

What’s more, the disability can permanently impair your ability to provide for yourself and your family. If you developed a disability because of an accident in your place of employment, you will need worker’s compensation. 

Why Would You Need a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?

A Man and Woman Having an Argument in a Workplace
Employers disputing your claim is a sure sign you need a worker’s compensation lawyer.

Insurance providers and companies may want to deny or dispute your access to worker’s compensation, especially if you are receiving self-insured worker’s compensation. If this is the case, you will definitely need the services of a worker’s compensation lawyer. 

Here are some of the crucial factors you can use to determine if contacting such a lawyer is the right move.

  • They Deny Your Claim

Despite your claim fitting the criteria listed above, some insurance providers or companies may want to deny your claims due to legal loopholes. Or they can claim that their employee liability insurance does not cover your particular circumstances. 

A worker’s compensation lawyer can help you prepare your arguments, seek legal recourse and settle the matter in court. They may be expensive but their fees can be covered by your legal suit if needed.

  • They are Disputing Your Disability

You could be struggling with a physical or mental disability because of your workplace accident but an insurance provider or your company could attempt to avoid providing adequate financial support for it. They could deny payment for important treatments or your rehabilitation. 

Your lawyer could help you secure the support you need to live comfortably. Medical treatments can also be extremely expensive, and a worker’s compensation lawyer can help make the company responsible for your condition provide the financial support you require. 

  • Your Treatments are Difficult

Some employers may balk at the cost associated with treatments you need because of your injury. For example, you may need constant physical rehabilitation or you may need to travel regularly out-of-state to get the medical attention you require. 

Companies may want to avoid paying these costs despite the fact that they were liable for your predicament. In such an event, a worker’s compensation lawyer will be by your side to get the appropriate treatment you deserve. 

  • Your Working Ability is Affected

Disabilities and recuperating from your injuries can heavily affect your ability to continue providing for yourself and others. If so, your company’s self-insuring worker’s compensation may not be enough to suit your financial requirements. Or you may not be able to work again because of the extent of the injuries you’ve received from the accident. 

If you want to make your employer or insurance company give you appropriate compensation, the assistance of a legal professional will be important.  

  • You Have Pre-existing Conditions

Employer liability insurance and similar protections can have requirements that prevent you from collecting financial compensation if you have preexisting conditions. Or your employer may say that your preexisting conditions make your claims invalid. This can deprive you of worker’s compensation and unemployment benefits. 

If you want to continue receiving these benefits and dispute their arguments in court, you will undoubtedly need the help of a legal professional. 

  • You Need More Benefits

Worker’s compensation laws vary from state to state, despite several federal guidelines. If you’re wondering if you can get unemployment benefits after worker’s compensation, you will need a lawyer to determine your eligibility and if there is legislation in place that allows you to get both of them. 

Worker’s compensation lawyers are some of the most important legal professionals for employees, especially in high-risk jobs. Without their help, countless workers could be deprived of necessary medical treatment and adequate financial support. 

Contact a worker’s comp lawyer if you believe your compensation is not enough or if disputes need to be settled.

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